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Accurate Measurements Every Time
Construction professionals need to generate fast, accurate bids for their customers. EagleView gives them the measurements and sales tools they need - on or off-site.

Eagleview brings property data to businesses around the world. Roofing industry professionals depend on EagleView's detailed, highly accurate structural property measurements to streamline their business processes and BID WITH CONFIDENCE.

Roof Measurement

Roof Measurements

Detailed, guaranteed-accurate roof measurements delivered in a few hours, for area, pitch, length of ridges, hips, valleys, rakes, eaves, flashing, and step flashing.
Service Highlights:
  • Professional reports to present to the customer
  • Accurate bids - Have the right amount of product the first time
  • Increased Profitability - Less time measuring - more time selling
  • Safer - Not on the roof

Sign Up today or Contact your Mid-Am Representative for additional information. For more detailed information of EagleView's capabilities, visit the EagleView Technologie's website.

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